REAL MEN COOK FATHER’s DAY CELEBRATION 2016  to Continue  Commitment to Wellness  at  All  27 Locations


Real Men cooking at the Real men Cook Father's Day Celebration
Real Men cooking at the Real men Cook Father’s Day Celebration                                                                                                                                                                                                            Edited by Kai EL’ Zabar

Real Men Cook Father’s Day Celebration will continue its long tradition of serving healthy food and promoting nutrition when it holds it event at 27 locations this year. The celebration takes place on the day designated as Father’s Day: Sunday, June 19 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Rael Jackson President of Real Men Cook
Rael Jackson President of Real Men Cook Charities

In making the announcement, Rael Jackson, President – Real Men Charities, noted that this year’s celebration will mark the 27th anniversary by having 27 celebrations at 27 locations with 27 hosts. He stressed that each host, mostly elected officials and heads of community organizations, pledged to support Real Men Cook’s mission to incorporate healthy foods into their food offerings. So, in addition to barbecue ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers and other tasty tidbits, there will be salads, raw foods, grilled and roasted vegetables, fruits and baked fish and chicken.
Co-founders, Yvette Moyo and Kofi Moyo,  added that the University of Chicago Medicine, which has been  a sponsor since 2008, has always focused on providing healthy foods in keeping with the mission that Real Men Charities, the presenting nonprofit, promotes.
Ms. Moyo noted that many health crises that disproportionately affect African Americans can be addressed through healthy eating, exercise and minor lifestyle adjustments. With that as a mission, veteran event cooks will prepare healthy dishes that are good for maintaining heart health, preventing and managing diabetes, and addressing obesity.
Chaga Walton and his team, including four generations of family members, have donated their time and talents to Real Men Cook for all 27 years. They will serve his legendary kale salad.
Veteran cook, Julian Valentine, who is now a professional chef, has been mentored by the founders and participated since the age of 12. Now a national spokesperson for Real Men Cook, he will prepare and serve one of his popular healthy dishes.
Likewise, Jimmy Toles and his family, which have participated since the event’s beginning, will serve healthy fare at the site at Lowden Homes at 200 W. 95th Street. The hosts and chefs are the men of Trinity United Church of Christ, who will also promote the opening of the Trinity Farmer’s Market, which opens Saturday, July 9, across the street from Trinity United Church of Christ, and adjacent to the Lowden Homes location.
Volunteer cooks from Mosque Maryam REAL MEN COOK FATHER’s DAY CELEBRATION 2016 at 7400 S. Stony Island will serve healthy living options that are part of the Nation of Islam’s practices. These teachings are outlined in Minister Elijah Muhammad’s bookz. Other dishes that attendees can sample at the various locales are:

  • Big Daddy’s Fruit Salad
  • Quick Spicy Collards
  • Monroe’s Mean, Lean Greens
  • Seafood Stuffed Green Peppers
  • Roasted corn, mushrooms and other vegetables

All of the recipes can be found in the REAL MEN COOK Rites, Rituals and Recipes for Living book and in the soft cover book Real Men Cook: 100 Easy Recipes Celebrating Tradition and Family published by Simon & Shuster, which includes the foreword by now-President Barack Obama.
Jackson declared that they are proud to be bringing the wellness message to the new format because, he said, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle helps save lives.”
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