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J. Pharoah Doss, Real Times Media contributor

J. Pharoah Doss, Real Times Media contributor

After four Black women were murdered in Wilkinsburg, Pa. an emergency meeting was held and a councilwoman said, “We have regular homicides.

This [shooting] was not normal.  It was very, very calculated.”

This set the stage for abnormality.

Local news anchor Wendy Bell, a White woman, posted on social media her “mental sketch” of the killers.  Instantly an offended school teacher labeled Bell’s viewpoint—insensitive White privilege.

Bell said, “They are young Black men, likely teens or in their early 20’s.  They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs.”

Bell’s comments will be stereotypical to those that only see her as a White woman, but if she’s acknowledged as a professional it should be understood that her mental sketch was drawn by experience.

But the teacher saw nothing but a “very public figure.”

The teacher complained to the station, didn’t like the response, and then created a social media presence to expose Bell.

This is normal due to America’s racial divide, but the charges hurled against Bell were made by another White woman.

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