Automation Taking Over Fast Food Industry

Automated Eatery Debuts In California

By Ken Hare
Chicago Defender Staff Writer
Eatsa, a new fast food restaurant has open in San Francisco and L.A. to critical acclaim. What makes this fast food restaurant different is that it’s fully automated and has virtually no human employees. Eatsa, described as the future of fast food by the New York Times, and the “Uber” of fast food, by Road Warrior Voices, sells only one main dish – quinoa.
According to their website “Fresh and nutritious food doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take forever to prepare. At Eatsa, we’ve upped the taste factor alongside affordability and speed, with bold flavors, seasonal ingredients, and hearty portions.” The menu contains only eight main items or bowls of quinoa in flavors that range from Smokehouse Salad, Perfect Pairing Salad to a Bento Bowl – a take on teriyaki.
All the bowls cost just $6.95 and are under 650 calories. The restaurant itself is very clean, contemporary and the best part is there are no lines and no employees to deal with, according to online reviews. That’s right, there are no employees as the restaurant is fully automated with robotic technology. And this is definitely a game changer, starting first, on the West Coast.

Bento Bowl – A quinoa spin on Teriyake

Technology is about to revolutionize another industry: fast food. Starting with the minimum wage employees, gone forever and never coming back. Employers will never have to worry about sick days, no-shows or government mandated health insurance ever again says an industry analyst.
The local and national fight to raise the minimum wage across the country has just been lost – to technology. To be continued…

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