Hillary Clinton deserves Democratic nomination for President

hillary-clinton-newThe Michigan Chronicle endorses Hillary Clinton to receive the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.
For us, the choice is clear; the leading Republican candidates – one in particular – pose one of the biggest threats to the well-being and stability of the United States that this country has ever witnessed, which means that the sole objective for the Democrats should be to choose the candidate with the hands-down best chance of defeating whoever the Republicans choose to lead their party into the November general election. And although Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders certainly has some very good ideas for how to make this a more fair and equitable nation, and his willingness to directly challenge the excesses of Wall Street is not only commendable but has shifted the direction of the Democratic debate, it remains our opinion that Sanders’ ideas are much more commendable than his ability to deliver them into reality.
For example, is it possible that a President Bernie Sanders can upgrade Obamacare into a healthcare-for-all system and also create access to free college-for-all while also taming Wall Street? Against the same Republican-controlled rightwing Congress that ferociously battled Obama every inch of the way toward progress? While building a Democratic people power revolution on the ground that will provide the fuel needed to sufficiently overhaul the membership of Congress in 2018 to allow the possibility of any of these ideas getting off the drawing board?
Sure. Anything is possible. But is it likely? No. It’s not. Not at all.
As for Sanders’ chances against a Donald Trump, who right now appears to be the likely Republican nominee despite the fevered wishes of the Republican establishment, he is a solid debater with a quick wit who would no doubt be able to counter some of Trump’s parries and thrusts. But to most effectively deal with someone like Trump, who loves to attack, mock, and berate, the Democrats need someone with not only superior policy experience and who has better ideas for the nation, but someone with the fire-hardened experience of dealing with constant attack. And there are few candidates anywhere who have as much experience of dealing with constant attack and ridicule – over a period of more than two decades – than Hillary Clinton. But in the face of all that perpetual criticism, much of it resulting (at least at first) from her husband’s deeds and misdeeds rather than her own, Clinton went on to represent New York State admirably as a U.S. Senator, then later was appointed to be the Secretary of State by President Barack Obama, against whom she had waged a historic, brutal, long and bitter campaign. Because despite her well-known flaws, and the occasional ugliness of her campaign tactics, even Obama could see that Clinton’s merits strongly outweighed her shortcomings when it came to handling foreign policy and representing the United States on the world stage. And certainly if anyone had reason to be done with Hillary Clinton, it was President Obama.
As for those who insist that Bernie Sanders is more electable because of the undisputed enthusiasm of his supporters and his more inspirational message, his widening appeal, and his perceived status as somewhat of a rogue outsider willing to take on the Washington establishment, please keep in mind that Sen. Sanders has been a member of that same establishment for more than a quarter century, both in the House, where he served for 16 years, as well as the Senate, where he has served for 10 years. Sen. Sanders is not an outsider. And despite the appeal of many of his ideas, his self-identification as a Democratic Socialist will absolutely serve as a broad target on his back during the general election. It shouldn’t matter at all, but in the America in which we live most of us should know better than to think that it won’t.
None of this is to suggest that Hillary Clinton does not have her fair share of vulnerabilities because she does. But these are vulnerabilities that she has been defending against for more than two decades, so it’s safe to say she’s prepared. It’s also safe to say that Clinton’s plans for continuing on with the best parts of President Obama’s legacy while formulating a strong foreign policy that continues to adjust to an ever-changing global landscape as well as a domestic policy that acknowledges the need to tackle the ever-escalating crises of income inequality and racial and gender-based injustice as well as effectively reign in the excesses of Wall Street are what is strongly needed to keep this country headed in the right direction.

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