Georgia Department of Education top official fired for racist Facebook posts

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“If they won’t treat you right, they won’t teach you right,” Malcolm X

The aforementioned statement rings loud in urbanites’ ears when they learn about continuous bigoted fumblings from the people who are supposed to educate them and their children.

A top Georgia Department of Education official has been terminated following an investigation that revealed he made a series of flagrantly bigoted statements — and even had the intestinal fortitude to post those thoughts on his Facebook page.

The most recent post from Jeremy Spencer came on January 1, said, “If I read one more thing about the Finland education system….not everybody in the US public schools are WHITE,” according to 11 Alive.

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Advocacy group Better Georgia called for Woods to fire Spencer and the called the posts, “Vile, racist and bigoted.”

“He (Spencer) doesn’t think Georgia students can compete with students in other countries because we have non-white students here. That is a vile and racist thought and he should not be in charge of creating curriculum in Georgia,” said Better Georgia Executive Director Bryan Long. “What’s important to know is this wasn’t one wrong post. This wasn’t one mistake. This was a toxic stream of racist posts and bigoted posts and anti-Muslim posts and anti-gay posts going back months.”

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In addition, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) it its Code of Ethics for Educators states: “Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to any conduct that impairs and/or diminishes the certificate holder’s ability to function professionally in his or her employment position, or behavior or conduct that is detrimental to the health, welfare, discipline, or morals of students.”

“Don’t post anything on a website that you would not post on the front door of the school,” according to the presentation.


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