Kandi Burruss blasts Phaedra Parks for not paying Todd $8500 fee

First there was the drama surrounding wacked wigged wuss Kim Zolciak not wanting to pay up the full dividends for Kandi Burruss giving her a hit song a few years ago. Now, the Buruss clan gotta deal with Phaedra Parks holding out on the nearly $10,000 she owes Burruss’ husband Todd for the final installment for producing her workout video back in 2013.
In the latest RHOA episode, Parks finally gathers up the gumption to chat with Tucker about her outstanding balance for her workout DVD. But instead of coming clean about not being able to pay up now, or to make installments, peculiar Parks threw shade behind the scenes. She played nice to Tucker in his face, but to the camera she joked that “his weekly allowance from Ms. Kandi isn’t keeping him afloat anymore.”
Tucker slaps a bill saying Parks still owed him just under $8,500 for his work, she argued that at the time he asked for the final payment her (now) ex-husband, Apollo Nida, was going to jail and she had to focus on her family and her health, according to U.S. magazine.
“Phaedra can’t pay me because she’s a single mother? Come on! Get out of here!” Todd laughed to the camera. “Cut the check and stop playing.”
Todd reportedly felt better, the magazine said, even though Phaedra didn’t actually pay him anything yet — though his feelings may change if he realizes that it’s not clear she ever intends to do so.
“It’s my name on this video, so I’ll be the one to say when it’s done and then Todd can get his check,” she cooed to the camera with a smile.
Burruss had a lot more to say about Parks knowingly being in arrears to Tucker for past due payments:

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