Police Commander Found Innocent

Police Commander Found Innocent

Chicago Police Commander  Glenn Evans
       Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans



Today  the city of  Chicago proved that the beat goes on, that little has changed. What a slap in the face! Chicago Black police commander accused of shoving his gun down a suspect’s throat during questioning in 2013 was found not guilty in a bench trial.
Commander Glenn Evans was found not guilty of aggravated battery and official misconduct on Monday morning. The judge said she did not find the witness and alleged victim, Rickey Williams, believable.
The worse is that WBEZ  radio had attorneys on this morning and they predicted that he would walk  because the judge–a former prosecutor tended to favor the police.

Still Chicagoans remained hopeful based on the recent past events in Chicago. However, Chicago finds itself disappointed. 
Williams said Evans threatened him and shoved the barrel of his police gun down his throat during questioning in 2013. The defense argued Williams was not a reliable witness. 

Why because he was under questioning at the time?
The prosecution based its case on DNA evidence found on Evans’ gun. However, the judge questioned why the inside barrel of the gun was not tested for Williams’ DNA.
Fifty two year old, Commander Evans,  is a highly-decorated Chicago police officer who has received more than 48 citizen complaints in his 28 years of service.

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