Two Atlanta spots make ‘America’s Top 50 Bottlenecks’ list

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In a report that will surprise absolutely no one who lives and endures Atlanta traffic daily, two of Atlanta’s frustrating traffic hot spots made the list as the worst in the nation, according to a American Highway Users Alliance study that catalogs the nation’s 50 worst traffic bottlenecks.

Atlanta is also home to the No. 1 worst freight bottleneck spot, the study states.

At No. 24 on the worst 50 list is the 1.3 mile stretch on The Connector between Freedom Parkway NE and North Avenue NE:

  • Annual total delay — 1.2 million hours
  • Annual lost value of time — $27 million
  • Annual fuel savings if unclogged — 392,600 gallons

The 0.3-mile stretch of T. Harvey Mathis Parkway between Johnson Ferry Road NE and Interstate 285 comes in at No. 49:

  • Annual total delay — 200,000 hours
  • Annual lost value of time — $6 million
  • Annual fuel savings if unclogged — 73,580 gallons

The nation’s worst freight bottleneck is at Interstate 285 at Interstate 85 North, better known affectionately as “Spaghetti Junction.” The study says:

“It not only lies at the juncture of two highly traveled interstates, but also provides ramps to four additional adjoining roadways. Already notorious as a predictable freight bottleneck, the January 2014 Gulf Coast winter storm, which brought Atlanta traffic to a standstill for days, likely contributed to the location’s rise from third place last year to the number one bottleneck in 2015.”

Read the full report here:

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