Guess who's coming back to 'Real Housewives of Atlanta?'

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That and a couple of extra hundred thousand dollars.
That’s probably what it took to bring the breakout star and flagship cast member of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Nene Leakes, back to the show after less than one season.
After swearing off the show and vowing to never return to RHOA, opting to focusing her attention on her new upcoming game show, Leakes Moonwalked back those words.
Leakes, sans her husband Gregg, shocked the cast of  RHOA when she showed up to their retreat in Jamaica. None of the cast members were privy to her return until she just showed up on the Caribbean nation island and left the ladies jaws dropping.
According to, frantic producers were blowing up Leakes’ phone this month and metaphorically kissing her feat in order to coax the arrogant amazon woman back to the show because the show, conspicuously absence of Leake’s special “flavoring,” had become as dry as two-day oatmeal. The other women were trying to carve out their own niche and maybe kick up some dust to add excitement. But, in the end, the show was as exciting as watching grass grow.
Like a free-agent who holds out for more money, then is rewarded when the team sucks without him, Leakes and the Bravo producers were able to agree on the dividends and, with fresh fat pockets, Leakes is back in the mix.
Best of all for Leakes, is that she still gets to keep two sets of checks coming in. The shooting of RHOA will not interfere with her game show tapings.
NeNe’s episodes will air toward the end of the season.
As much as Kenya Moore and other girls hate it, she’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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