Renewing your license may take longer this time around

express-sosMichigan Secretary of State Offices with the Express SOS service may no longer be available causing a delay for  services offered online.
The contract between the SOS and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services LLC went sour in August upon a long list of missed deadlines since 2005 according to the state.
HP is accused of not following through for services outlines in the $35.6 million contract.
“As bad as its overall performance has been, certain of HP’s personnel are essential to assure uninterrupted operation of the Express SOS website and data migration work during the transition,” the state said.
The state is looking for some legal help to force HP to still provide certain necessary services to avoid a complete overhaul of the already established system.
HP is reportedly not complying and willing to work under the proposed agreement of the state.
The issue is currently being discussed in court before Kent County Circuit Court Judge Christopher Yates.
In a statement to the court, HP said that the state “contributed to delays in performance, refused to identify alleged breaches of contract, failed to give HP an appropriate opportunity to cure, failed to provide any rationale for its alleged damages, reflexively terminated the contract and filed this lawsuit as HP sought to reach a resolution, and then abruptly cut off negotiations on transition services that HP made clear it was prepared to provide.”
The state and HP vowed to work with one another to avoid any detrimental affect to the public service relied on by thousands.

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