DIY: Shape your own eyebrows like a pro

eyebrowsLet’s be honest. Most ladies don’t want to wear makeup everyday of the week. Even if you are a cosmetic junkie, chances are you’d rather leave it alone on some occasions.
But, does not doing your makeup mean your eyebrows end up neglected? After all, rugged brows can be a pretty unpleasant sight. Luckily, there are a few solutions that allow you to go fresh-faced and yet, maintain beautiful brows. Here are a few tips on how to keep them looking great even when you’re not wearing makeup:
With the many shapes available for your brows, it’s important to chose the right one for your face. Ideally, your eyebrows should start at the inner corner of your eyes; they should end where the angle line goes from your nostril out to the corner of the same eye. The height of your arch is your choice. Many prefer the natural arch, yet some opt for the “forever excited” look.
Fill In
If you struggle with thinner eyebrows or not having them angle the way you want, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little filler when done properly. Most of the time, it isn’t about getting your brows to look perfect, but simply giving them a little boost. While it’s possibly to learn to fill them in “free hand” style, you can also employ a stencil for assistance. Some of the most popular products to fill in brows include Anastasia‚Äôs Dip Brow Pomade that you can apply with a thin-angled brush. The most important thing is, you don’t overdo it. Use light, short strokes for a natural look. Blend with a spooly when necessary.
Clean Up
When it comes to dealing with uncooperative hairs that stray outside your desired brow shape, use tweezers to pluck them away or relax and let them do their thing. You’d be surprised the different, edgy look those unruly hairs might give you.
Trimming is probably one of the trickiest areas when it comes to eyebrow upkeep. If you’re not careful, you can do serious damage to the natural shape. Over-plucking can be a problem, but cutting off too much of your brows can have them looking strange until they finally fall out and grow back in. The best strategy for trimming is to brush the hairs up with your spooly and cut the hairs at an angle that sticks outside of your desired shape line.

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