White Facebook users fired for racist jokes on unsuspecting black boy

A Facebook user named Geris Hilton recently posted a pic with an unsuspecting black child, the son of his co-worker, and he and his friends decided went in on the child with rabidly racist jokes while, simultaneously, acting friendly to the boy and his mother.
Check out some of the deplorable comments from these social vermin:
first family
first 2
first 3
first 4
Soon after the post went viral, Emily Irene Red as well as Geris/Gerod have been terminated One under the name Geris at YourEDM and the other under the name Gerod at Polaris Marketing Group.
Since the fracas, the young black boy has been identified by his mohter Sydney as Cayden Jace and recently took to her Facebook and Twitter pages to share her gratitude for supporting her.
This is what she and the job had to say about the matter:


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