Black, famous, and Republican?

Black-republicansBlack, famous, and republican?
To some, it might sound like a paradox to mention these terms in one context. However, you’d be surprised to find that some of the most well-known faces in politics and entertainment are registered Republicans. Whether that means they always vote for their party’s candidates is a secret that hardly escapes the voting booth unless they speak out publicly.
The following list is a toss up between the expected and unexpected. Few are surprised to see names like Colin Powell and Stacey Dash, but others like Bishop T.D. Jakes and Sheryl Underwood might cause viewers to squint their eyes in confusion.
It’s a pretty loaded answer that explains why there exists such a stigma against being black and republican. Granted, President Barack Obama has a lot to do with it, given he is a Democrat and most of us were implicitly expected to vote for him just because. There’s also the concern that many of the proposed Republican policies do little to address issues related to the disenfranchised, persons of color, and especially blacks.
How does this list make you feel? Does it change how you feel about these people, and if so, why?

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