Former judge arrested for leaving kids in car in metro Atlanta

clayton county judge
RIVERDALE, Ga. — The president of the Clayton County Bar Association and former judge was arrested for leaving her kids alone in the car to represent a client in court.
Kimberly Bandoh, a former magistrate court judge in Clayton County, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of leaving her two infants, ages 2 and 3, unattended in a vehicle.
According to Riverdale police, someone in the Town Center area saw the children alone in a vehicle and fetched an officer at a court building.
Officers asked Bandoh if they were her children, and she reportedly admitted they were, and she was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of leaving unattended children in a vehicle. Bandoh was booked into, and later bonded out of, the Clayton County Jail.
Police said the cooler temperatures of early fall prevented the children from being in any harm. The city of Riverdale, however, has a city ordinance outlawing leaving young children unattended in a car.
“Well, I think times are different,” Riverdale City Manager Scott Wood told 11 Alive. “I’m of an age where when I was that age, my mother would leave us in the car and run into the grocery store and nobody gave it a second thought. But we all know that society has changed, circumstances have changed and consequently the law has changed at the same time.”
Bandoh declined to comment as she was being led away by an officer.
Photo: Clayton County Sheriffs Department

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