Detroit entrepreneurs take center stage in Detroit

IMG_0911My Hair My Story My Glory will be in its second production on Sunday, Sept. 27 beginning at 4 p.m. at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit.
Gem, Inc. is a collaborative between two entrepreneurs, Kristina “The Glam Tech” Beaty and Marsae Mitchell, seeking to produce a cultural presentation chronicling the evolution of African tribal hair. This series of artistic narratives aims to educate its audience members on the history and culture of black hair through poetry music and dance. My Hair My Story My Glory also serves as a catalyst for the upward mobility of young, inner-city thespians, performance artists, stylists and estheticians. The production welcomes new talent to adorn the stage and to prepare the cast with every showcase.
“Kristina and I have been producing hair shows together for years”, said Gem, Inc. Founder Marsae Mitchell. “In our efforts, we found that these shows—chalked with experts—often entertained but never educated the audience on a topic that we all deal with daily—our hair.”
“I have been a hair stylist for just over a decade, and Marsae is an incredibly talented and well-trained choreographer,” said Kristina Beaty, Gem, Inc. Co-Founder. “We both encounter a multitude of cultures by operating in our profession, so we decided to combine our talents and multi-cultural encounters to reinvent the products of our passions.”
The first production of My Hair My Story My Glory, which debuted in May 2015, sold out in a matter of months solely through Gem, Inc.’s social media marketing efforts.
The duo plans on entertaining yet another full house with a brand new narrative and new cast members highlighting the history of black hair through varying African Dynasties: King Solomon & Queen Makeda of Sheba, Nefertiti Akenhaten & King Tut, Mansa Musa, Shaka Zulu.

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