Bristol Palin slammed for criticizing Pres. Obama for bringing Ahmed Mohamed to White House

Many people were aghast and blown back that someone with the reputation of the condom-challenged and libido-raging Bristol Palin, daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, had the intestinal fortitude criticize President Obama on any subject matter, much less the fact he brought wunderkind Ahmed Mohamed to the White House.

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed
14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed

Many people blasted Palin, who used to be paid to be a spokeswoman for sexual abstinence, for now being pregnant with her second child out of wedlock and without ever being married, yet think she had the moral high ground to blast Obama on any topic of importance. The president brought Mohamed, 14, to the Oval Office after the child genius was arrested for building a clock which was mistaken for a homemade bomb by his teachers in Texas.
Palin ridiculously claimed that Obama bringing Mohamed to Washington would inflame and exacerbate racial animus in America.
Many people vehemently opposed Palin’s views and pummeled the misguided young, vapid woman who often spews moronic, imbecilic statements in order to gain some national shine at Obama’s expense.
Take a look at how the angry herd of social media respondents stampeded all over Palin for her imprudent, infantile rant on social media:


Bristol Palin is probably just mad that a 14-year-old has already accomplished more than she ever will.




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