What?!? Malia Obama loves 'Love and Hip Hop'

A writer and comedian who shared the fact that the the eldest daughter of President Obama loves “Love and Hip Hop,” even though the leader of the free world despises the ratchet reality show.
Another Round hosted comedian and writer for Girls Yassir Lester on their podcast, where Malia Obama was an intern for the show.
Lester had this to say about what it was like to work beside the first daughter:
Lester: “She talks to you like a human. She’s very much like ‘Did you see Love & Hip-Hop‘ and I’m like ‘yes! Yes I did, Malia!”
Hosts: “She Watches Love And Hip-Hop?!?!?!”
Lester: So we’re talking about Love And Hip-Hop and she’s like ‘yeah, you see when Mendeecee did this?’ and I was like, ‘yeah’ and she was like ‘then my dad came in and was like what are you guys watching? because he hates the show.’ And I’m like, stop talking like your dad isn’t the king of the world!
Can you believe that Malia Obama even gets away with turning the channel to Vh1 at all, much less to view the two most controversial reality shows on TV today, “Love and Hip Hop New York” and “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?”

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