Uncle Luke says rappers ‘wasn’t wifin’ hoes’ before Kanye

BET-Hip-Hop-Awards-2012-Red-Carpet-1pBUFC-Fnhwl*Rappers and athletes have made popular the wifin’ of hos and tricks in recent years, and rap legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is not here for it.
The outspoken Miami native blames Kanye West for changing the rap game, telling WatchLOUD, “It used to be a difference, before Kanye West, rappers wasn’t wifin’ all these hoes.”
“Rappers would be secure with they woman,” Uncle Luke continued “You look at Ice Cube. He’s always been with is wife. You look at Will Smith. He’s always been with her. Hip-hop was different. We didn’t get caught up in the Hollywood thing, where, OK rappers are now marrying Hollywood girls, leaving one, going to the next one, leaving this one. We didn’t do that. I mean, we were like real secure. We wasn’t marrying girls or wifin’ girls for the Internet to blow up.”
We kinda agree with Luke. What do you make of his comments?

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