TRANSMIT+ coming to Detroit this weekend (UPDATE)

DIMEOn Saturday, August 29 the TRANSMIT+ conference will come to Detroit.
Presented by Springboard Tracks, a boutique music licensing and publishing company focused on genres that are often poorly represented or over-commercialized in the world of production music, TRANSMIT+ is a conference that brings together artists, entrepreneurs and creatives to build experiences and drive Detroit’s future.
The event will be held at the Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) and will feature a specially curated panel of nationally and regionally celebrated leaders in arts and entertainment who have come to discuss topics which include $$GET PAID$$: Making Money from Your Music; ALL F***ED UP!: State of the Music Industry; BE HEARD: Breaking Through all the Noise; and ART WERD: Business and Art of Self Promotion, among others. Confirmed participants include Angel Gambino, CEO, Alchemists Collective; Howard Hertz, Entertainment Law Attorney, Hertz Schram; Stacey Gamble, Label Manager, Dirtybird Records; Alexis Giles, Director of Business Development, SoundCloud; Andrew Dost, FUN; Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, Tag Strategic; Dr. Carleton S. Gholz, Founder & Executive Director, Detroit Sound Conservancy; and much more.
This diverse community will gather for conversation, music, parties, and art experiences. Together, attendees will shape an emerging conversation about art, music and business in Detroit.
Jon Leo, co-founder of TanZ Group– a rapidly expanding entertainment company creating novel experiences and content to connect artists with their audiences believes that Detroit is the perfect place to host TRANSMIT+. “There is a ton of talent here and quite a few resources in Detroit already that are geared toward cultivating artists. So it made sense to bring TRANSMIT+. Also, when people think of music or entertainment industry they typically think of Las Vegas, New York and L.A. and what we’re saying is that there is talent here in Detroit that may be getting overlooked in the midst of these other places and we want to bring a focus, more resources and information to these artists so that they can profit from their talent.”
The conference and performances will be held at the prestigious Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) with support from our partners including the Detroit Free Press, Ponyride, Our/Detroit and more to be announced.
TRANSMIT+ and DIME are a match made in heaven, as Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) is a music institute like no other – custom built for serious musicians who desire a long-term, professional career in modern music is the perfect place to host TRANSMIT+. DIME founders Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman have both worked in the music industry for over 25 years. They have achieved sales of over 6m albums, are Brit Award winners, have had 35 hit singles and two #1 albums. They have toured the world and worked with acts at arena and stadium level. They have also worked extensively with every major label, publishers and many legendary artists. The pair are champions artists and really believe in the goal of the music conference.
“When we met with Jon and the other guys we felt that [TRANSMIT+] was a brilliant idea and there was an instant synergy. This is the perfect fit for Detroit, there are lots of people here that make music but find it really hard to break into the music industry. This conference will hopefully give them the tools needed to be a working musician,” said Clayman.
Detroit native DJ Sinistarr, who will be performing at the after party on Saturday, says “there is something for every artist at this conference. There is no fluff and the information and access that you get at this conference is definitely worth it.”
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