Atlanta Psychologist hosting ‘Choose You Week’ dedicated to self appreciation

dr. rae
ATLANTA — Many people feel like they are languishing in dead-end occupations and imprisoned in mundane lives with seemingly no way to untangle themselves from their moribund existences. Licensed psychologist and certified coach Dr. Rachel Mitchum Elahee is coming to Atlanta with the key to set your soul and mind free.
Affectionately adorned with the sobriquet Dr. Rae, the renowned speaker and life coach is hosting a seven-day “Choose You” week on Sept. 13-19 to help people to reignite the fire in their personal and professional lives. The conference is taking place in conjunction with her recently released book of life and professional coaching strategies, “Choose You! Reignite Your Passion For Life.”
Choose You! is a book designed to uplift busy professionals who are constantly juggle personal and professional goals.
Choose You week is designed to encourage busy people, leading busy lives to prioritize themselves within their schedules. The week will consist of a mixture of spiritual, professional, and health/wellness conference calls, workshops, and webinars, proceeded by a 5k Represent Yourself Run in downtown Atlanta that Saturday.
Choose You! is the call to action to provoke people to prioritize their emotional, physical, spiritual, and professional needs. It’s a tool to abate the myth that self-care equates to selfishness. I coach many people that become stuck in a mundane existence due to depriving themselves of what they need in order to flourish. Complimentary to the book, ‘Choose You! Week’ will exemplify why prioritizing yourself is so vital. It is the physical demonstration of the statement, Choose You!” says Dr. Rae.
Dr. Rae received a city proclamation, sponsored by Congresswoman, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, deeming Sept. 19, official “Choose You Day.” Dr. Rae is prepared to host an event annually on Sept. 19 to remind the community of the importance of self care.
To register for Choose You Week visit, and view the official schedule of events for the week.


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