Serena's friends warn her against romancing Drake again

Serena Williams’ friends are warning her against entering into sexual relations with Drake — again — because of his whorish ways.
Drizzy has a well-known reputation as an out-of-control male whore who has women put up in different area codes throughout the nation. But, according to TMZ, Serena has kept a special place in her heart for since their first tryst four years ago. She was hurt that Drake kept on hunting down voluptuous vamps while dating her so she soon cut him off.
Fast forward four years to the WTA Championships in Ohio. Drake’s been trailing her again, sitting in her box and cheering on Serena at various matches. After her latest title win, Serena and Drake cozy up at the upscale Sotto restaurant in Cincinnati.
Despite being a renowned restaurant, its patrons could not help but film and photograph the two in a private room (with the door open) getting hot and heavy.
The entertainment blog says SerenaFolks on Drake’s side purport that the “6 God” is a changed man and he’s treating Serena like the A-list star that she’s been for years. Apparently he might have had some apprehension that she was more attached to his celebrity than him.
Yeah, right…
Not for nothing, Drake’s continued support of Serena’s tennis career is noted and she makes sure to have tickets for him in the family section at all of her matches. Slow or not, it looks like these two are in it for the long-haul.
You already know there’s a nation of fake-booty beyotches and scantily-clad single mothers who are heartbroken that Drake won’t be paying for their rent, tuition, and plane tickets anymore.

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