Rihanna slams NBA's Matt Barnes for suggesting a romance between them

Discretion is the best part of valor. NBA baller Matt Barnes learned that lesson in a painful and humiliating way when he jumped the gun and insinuated that he and global pop superstar Rihanna may be more than friends.
There is a reason why she gave herself the handle “BadGirlRiRi.” When you are a woman on her level of fame, you want to keep your business to yourself and that other person until she feels she is ready to announce it to the world. When you break that code with Rihanna, she can be vicious, even cruel, in shredding you to pieces (see: J.R. Smith and Rihanna when he was a New York Knicks).

NBA journeyman Matt Barnes
NBA journeyman Matt Barnes

Rumors began swirling when Memphis Grizzlies player made Rihanna his #WCW on Instagram and that they went on a few dates. It got worse for Barnes when his estranged wife, Gloria Govan, endorsed a possible Barnes-Rihanna union.
It was enough that other people rumored of their budding romance, if there ever was a chance to be one. But when Barnes himself actually spoke to TMZ and talked about a possible relationship before he was sure there was one — saying that they are “more than friends” — Rihanna blew up his spot and put him on full furnace blast. He should have consulted with J.R. Smith (who’s now with the Cavs) on what happens when you tell folks that you are dating Rihanna when you are not.
“Rihanna’s my friend, right now. So we’ll see where it goes,” Barnes misspoke.
Check out her angry response that will make Barnes the joke of his Memphis Grizzlies locker room, if not the entire NBA.

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