Safaree bashed on social media after new girlfriend is allegedly caught cheating

Safaree, the ex-man of rap queen Nicki Minaj, is getting throttled on social media after it was reported that his new girlfriend Zashia Santiago was caught creeping on him.
Yes, this is the same woman who is allegedly a convicted felon that Safaree has been flossing about town ever since he and Onika parted ways.
But social media users have tried to throw a wrench into their program by posting photos of Santiago and her alleged sidepiece.
Santiago swung back at the haters, saying the rumors and innuendos are completely false.
Meanwhile, Safaree expressed his anxiousness in getting back to his woman.
Nevertheless, Safaree was cooked over hot coals by social media users who believe he is getting his just desserts for allegedly cheating on Nicki Minaj, prompting the breakup.
Take a look:

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