'BET Uncut' returning to television station

BET uncut
It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
About a decade ago, Black Entertainment Television’s “BET: Uncut” was by far the most criticized, controversial and despised programming the network had ever produced.
But look how a decade changes things, and especially changed minds. BET’s “Uncut” is making its inglorious comeback in August.
The announcement about bringing back the “ratchet” late-night video show program was made by BET via its Twitter page late Wednesday evening.
When BET ran the original incarnation of “BET Uncut” from 2001 to 2006, BET’s CEO Debra Lee was castigated and excoriated, particularly by women for peddling filth and debauchery and allowing the endless objectification of topless and nearly naked women in many rap videos.
bet uncut2
This was the forum which put former rap superstar Nelly in the crosshairs of black females and women’s groups nationwide with the infamous video “Tip Drill,” where, among other things, the rapper is show sliding a credit card down between a woman’s butt crack. Soon after the airing of this video, Nelly was practically barred from appearing for an event at the all-black female school, Spelman College, in Atlanta due to intense outcry.
Again, how times have changed.
With the proliferation of today’s shows featuring — if not downright marketing and highlighting — nudity in multiple mainstream programs, particularly Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” and VH1’s “Dating Naked,” BET brass believe the landscape is ripe for the return of “BET Uncut.”
“BET Uncut” will officially return on Tuesday August 11, 2015 at 11:00 p.m.

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