Pfleger Shuts Down Halsted & 79th Street

Father Pfleger calls for peace to prevail at 79th and Halsted
Father Pfleger calls for peace to prevail at 79th and Halsted

Pfleger shuts down Halsted & 79th Street to Send  Message

Tells storeowner to hire blacks, or get shut down
By Chinta Strausberg
After praying at Saint Sabina, Father Pfleger changed his route taking his diverse group of supporters West in an effort to “keep the peace going.”
Led by Saint Sabina’s Peacemaker, Pat, a former gang leader, they marched right past the police station for several blocks before heading back west. Another supporter held a sign that said, “Honk Your Horn,” which prompted a number of motorists to do just that. For a while, it sounded like a celebration, but it was the motorist’s way of giving their stamp of approval of Pfleger’s peace march.

Father Pfleger talks to shop owners,  "hire Black . . . "
Father Pfleger talks to shop owners, “hire Black . . . “

Supporters lined both sides of the street passing out flyers that on one side said, “Put The Guns Down” and giving pointers on how there can be peace in the community such as conducting household sweeps and numbers parents and others can call like Pfleger’s, 773.483.4300, where they can turn in guns anytime, no questions asked.


Pfleger stopped by the house of Eunice Genus, 99, who will be 100-years-old on October 26, 2015. He gives her a kiss.

At 76th and Racine, a woman, Yoletta Williams, asked Pfleger when was the next time he was marching because her son, Roy Smith, was killed June 19, 2012. Pfleger suggested she join Saint Sabina’s Purpose Over Pain group consisting of parents who lost their children to gun violence.
Wearing a T-Shirt that said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” Father Pfleger, who is also demanding that stores within the Auburn Gresham community hire an African American from the community or he will shut them down, stopped by the Express Food Mart, located at 77th and Racine.
“Have you hired an African American yet”? asked Pfleger. The clerk at first hesitated then said “yes.” Pfleger replied, “I don’t see any African Americans working here.” The clerk said that person works I the daytime.
“I’ll be back in the morning, and if I don’t see a black working, we’re going to shut you down,” Pfleger promised the two clerks who stood peeping at him behind a bulletproof glass.

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