A Jill Scott journey

Jill-Scott-02192011In a time when individuality in the music industry is not generally encouraged, singer-songwriter Jill Scott clearly stands apart and is, in fact, a breath of fresh air. Her albums, featuring songs with unique concepts and lyrics, take listeners to all kinds of places, many of them unexpected.
The just-released “Woman” carries on that Jill Scott tradition. It would be difficult to not be captivated by, for example, the exuberance of “Coming to You,” the cleverness of “Run Run Run,” the raw passion of “You Don’t Know,” the catchiness of “Prepared,” the beauty of the strangely titled “Jahraymecofasola.”
And then there is “Closure,” one of wittiest — and funniest — songs ever recorded.
Scott says to a man she’s putting out, “Don’t be expecting no breakfast, baby. You got all you gon’ get.” Then she “goes menu” on him: “Look homie, there will be no more homemade waffles, okay? With the fresh strawberries, you know, the ones I put agave on. There will be more quiche and no more sausages, and don’t even think about my pepper jack grits or my grandma’s buttermilk biscuits.”
“THE WIZ” is returning yet again, this time in “The Wiz Live!” that is in the process of being cast and will air Dec. 3 on NBC. Queen Latifah will portray the Wiz while Mary J. Blige will assume the role of Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West.
Stephanie Mills, who was Dorothy in the original “Wiz” on Broadway, will be in the TV version as well, this time as Auntie Em. At the time of this writing, a new Dorothy had not been cast.
One of the dumbest things I have ever heard of is that Spelman, a historically Black college, is returning the $20 million the Bill Cosby family donated in 1998. All because of the scandal. That money was given with pure hearts. The college decision makers should be ashamed of themselves.
JAY Z has talked about how insulting it is when some people (Whites mainly) assume that just because a person is a rapper, they are not expected to have command of the English language.
“A lot of times,” he said, you have a conversation with someone and they will say something like, ‘You speak so well,’” at which time Jay Z is likely to respond, “Do you understand that’s an insult?”
Mariah Carey will have received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by the time most of you read this.
Original Supreme Mary Wilson says “The Composer” and “No Matter What Sign You Are” are “surely among the worst songs ever released under the Supremes name.”
She said “under the Supremes name” because in the latter days of the group, the background vocals were almost always done by someone else, not the other two Supremes.
Wilson said it was an especially big insult that the “farewell” song of Diana Ross & the Supremes, the wonderful “Someday We’ll Be Together,” was released, there was only one actual Supreme singing.
With regard to her first point, I would agree with “The Composer,” but I think the other one should be “Some Things You Never Get Used To.”
Janet Jackson’s “No Sleep” video would been better without rapper J. Cole, especially with that ratty-looking hair.
BETCHA DIDN’T KNOW…that legendary blues and jazz singer Dinah Washington was married seven times.
MEMORIES: “Maybe Tomorrow” (the Jackson 5), “Hold On” (En Vogue), “Don’t Walk Away” (Jade), “Save the Best for Last” (Vanessa Williams), “Engine Number 9” (Wilson Pickett), “No Matter How I Get) I’ll Still be Lookin’ Up to You” (Wilson Felder featuring Bobby Womack and Alltrinna Grayson), “Misty” (Johnny Mathis), “A Love of Your Own” (AWB), “Grandma’s Hands” (Bill Withers), “Ladies Night” (Kool & the Gang).
BLESSINGS to Betty Davis Stokes, Fannie Tyler, Sylvester Potts, Calvin Brooks, Bobby Green, Jasmine DuBois, Luther Keith, James Mitchell, Michael J. Powell and Stefanie P. White.
WORDS OF THE WEEK, from Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg: “Don’t let anybody steal your joy.”
Let the music play!
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