Atlanta City Council petition Gov. Deal to change Stone Mountain's Confederate homage

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STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — Atlanta City Council is asking Gov. Deal to alter the look of the side of Stone Mountain to be in congruence with modern historical times.
Councilman Michael Julian Bond has authored a resolution seeking for Gov. Deal change or remove the state-owned memorial, WSB-TV reports.
Bond wants to expand the mountain to reflect Georgia’s broader history, and include such historical figures as James Oglethorpe, President Jimmy Carter or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“That would make Stone Mountain, I think, an enlightened place that reflects all of Georgia’s history,” he said, WSB reports. “…Georgia’s history is much greater than the four years of the Confederacy; it’s much more diverse and rich than that period which has been highly romanticized, particularly in the last 50 to 60 years.”
Bond’s measure was approved 9-to-2. Howard Shook and Alex Wan voting against the resolution.
“I’d be supportive of an affirmative statement, just in general, about our position on symbols that could be perceived as racist, but I feel this is a bit of a stretch for the council to do at this time,” said Wan, who grew up in Stone Mountain.
This comes on the heels of the Atlanta City Council unanimously supporting Councilman Andre Dickens’ measure requesting that state officials to remove the Confederate Battle Flag emblem and other Confederate symbols as an option for state license plates.
Bond also introduced legislation that asks Deal to give funds to GBI to investigate officer-involved shootings if racial biases are alleged. It passed unanimously.
Mayor Kasim Reed was unavailable for comment.

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