Dr. Willie Wilson Notes National Urban League’s Snub

2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Candidate
2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Candidate Willie Wilson, Photo Credit: Jason McCoy

Presidential Candidate Dr. Willie Wilson Fully Supports the National Urban League’s Agenda of ‘Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs and Justice’ — Even Though He Didn’t Receive An Invite Like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson

It’s a sad day when we have to announce that an African American Organization whose mission  is to enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights did  not  invite  Dr. Willie Wilson,  an African-American Democratic candidate in the 2016 presidential race, to participate in the National Urban League Annual Conference. The annual event will take place later this month (July 29 – August 1, 2015). He was snubbed and is disappointed as he rightfully should be. The other three Candidates were invited  to present their campaign platform.   Candidate Wilson feels slighted that he will miss the opportunity  ‘to share his visions for saving our cities – specifically during a session entitled Off To The Races: The 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Plenary.’

A man true to his faith Dr. Willie Wilson fully supports the Urban League’s agenda because it tracks with his own urban agenda. He says: “I’ve always been a strong supporter of the Urban League as an international businessman, philanthropist and member of my local church community. My association with many of their leaders, both locally and nationally, has given me respect for their important work.”

“I have been invited to the Southern Christian Leadership Convention’s annual meeting in Louisiana as one of the candidates during the time of the National Urban League Annual Conference so I will try to stop by and wish my friends there well.”

Dr. Wilson has been invited and asked to participate in the National Baptist and Progressive Baptist 2015 Conventions, as well the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

Both conventions’ invitations comes of no surprise since Dr. Wilson’s constituency is largely made up of the Black church community. 

Willie Wilson made headlines in January when he donated $1 million of his own money to his campaign for Chicago mayor. The move attracted attention to his run for office and cemented him as a viable candidate. And that hefty contribution didn’t bankrupt Wilson. The African-American entrepreneur made millions from owning and operating six McDonald’s restaurants and a medical supply company. He also earns money from the  Willie Wilson Productions Company, which produces the 25 year old nationally syndicated Singsation, a half-hour weekly program of Gospel music.
Commentators were quick to jump on Wilson’s unpolished style and lack of specifics when questioned about the issues facing Chicago. 
Despite Wilson’s lack of political savvy, he came in third overall in the mayoral election with just over 10 percent of the total votes, beating out Bob Fioretti, the current-but-soon-departing alderman of the 2nd Ward, and William “Dock” Walls, the perennial mayoral candidate running for his third time. In a surprising twist of political fate, Wilson emerged as a kingmaker in the weeks leading up to the runoff election with the run-off candidates  jockeying for his endorsement.

One may say many things about Dr. Willie Wilson but one thing is for certain, his track record as a business man is not about luck but rather about possessing knowledge and a skill-set  that has produced successful businesses.  And though he may not be as articulate as Dr. Ben Carson, a retired premiere Pediatric Neurosurgeon one might say that he knows more about managing a portfolio of money and running a business, which can be compared to running a government.  The National Urban League seems to be guilty of judging a man by elitist  standards.  Both Carson and Wilson grew up in dire poverty. Carson’s mother had a third grade education and his father was not around. Carson grew up in the inner city and Wilson in Louisiana cotton fields as a sharecropper. Both men rose up to achieve beyond what  their circumstance at birth predicted.

Candidate Wilson made his statement regarding the National Urban league from the campaign trail in Iowa where he met with the Central Committee of the Scott County Democrats.

Dr. Willie Wilson announced his presidential candidacy  June 1, 2015 in Chicago. Dr. Wilson, age 67, is well known for his ‘rags-to-riches’ story of poverty and sharecropping cotton in Louisiana to great success in business and philanthropy.

For more information about Dr. Willie Wilson, visit www.williewilson2016.com.

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