Gallery Guichard Showcases Confronting Truths WAKE UP!

Ti Rock unveils her art Friday July 10 at Gallery Guichard
Ti Rock unveils her art Friday July 10 at Gallery Guichard    .   .   .

Gallery Guichard Fine Art Gallery Confronting Truths WAKE UP!

July 10, 2015 6 pm to 10 pm.

Gallery Guichard consistent with its progressive no bates held reputation  is pleased to announce the  opening  of the Fine Art Exhibition of Ti Rock Moore. Moore hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Born to two professional artists Ti Rock Moore was born in 1960  raised and still resides in the French Quarter of New Orleans where her parents worked. Despite practicing another professional career most of her life, she always identified as an artist, and produced art privately.  

Ti says, “I emerged publicly with my art in June 2014. Since then my work has been shown at galleries in New Orleans and Brooklyn in the Ogden Museum. The Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, and Art Basel in Miami. I was named the national first runner-up in the Bombay Artisan Series in December, and have been commissioned to do a large public mural in New Orleans.”

 Ti Rock’s  first solo show premiere’s at  Gallery Guichard July 10, 2015 when she unveils her work.  TiRock says, “My work is conceptual and reactive, and has been described as avant-garde. Honestly and frankly I explore white privilege through my acute awareness of the unearned advantage my white skin holds. My work is three dimensional, indoor exhibition, although I have produced some outdoor installations, appropriate for public art spaces.”
Artists have always been considered visionaries and so it makes perfect sense that the opportunity to approach and broach  the subject of race and white privilege in America through art is now.

Join the conversation and begin the healing! “Art has always spoken the truth through the eyes of artists worldwide. However, more than ever before the visionaries perspective has landed where the people are and art doesn’t seem as intimidating to the regular folk opening the doors and creating a new market  .  . . the new art collector.

The recent social climate has broken down the barriers between truth and the invisible racism that has kept various groups socially and economically separate forever is finally exposed for what it is.  Change is afoot and art has its place in the scheme of things to cause the reality of a brave new world.

 “We need to be clear that there is no such thing as giving up one’s privilege to be ‘outside’ the system. One is always in the system. The only question is whether one is part of the system in a way that challenges or strengthens the status quo. Privilege is not something I take and which therefore have the option of not taking. It is something that society gives me, and unless I change the institutions which give it to me, they will continue to give it, and I will continue to have it, however noble and equalitarian my intentions.” − Harry Brod, “Work Clothes and Leisure Suits: The Class Basis and Bias of the Men’s Movement,” in Men’s Lives, ed. Michael S. Kimmel and Michael Messner (New York: Macmillan, 1989), 280. -Frances E. Kendall, Ph.D.; 960 Tulare Ave.; Albany, CA 94707; 510-559-9445

On July 10, 2015 Ti Rock Moore will unveil her art at Gallery Guichard located at 436 E. 47th Street, Chicago, IL. 60653.

Admission is free. Ti Rock Moore will deliver a thought provoking Artist Talk about her art, her experience and confronting truths of racism and white privilege from her perspective.

The Exhibit runs through August 10, 2015.

For more information visit or call 773-791-7003 or 708-773-9315. Members of the media are cordially invited to join us.

Please send an RSVP for those who will be joining us to (Include name, media organization, and names of those who will be attending the event.)


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