Lifestyles Report…Creating new memories without Mom


Mother’s Day 2015 is officially over. This was my first Mother’s Day after my mom’s death. For years I have listened to people whose moms have passed talk about how hard Mother’s Day is for them. Often I’ve been irritated by people who wish me “Happy Mother’s Day” assuming that I am a mother. I know that they mean well, but as we know every woman is not a mother.
On this first Mother’s Day without a mom to honor and no children to honor me, I decided to do something that I have thought about for years. I had my first motherless and childless brunch. The only way to make the invite list was by not having a living mother and to have never had a child. I keep the list small for the first year,  but this may turn in to a bigger event than I thought. Before the day was over people were asking how they could make the list for next year. As we get older there are more and more of us without mothers and I’m surprised how many of my contemporaries do not have children.


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