Best memes, tweets of Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby

BALTIMORE — Maryland’s state attorney for Baltimore City Marilyn Mosby became an instant heroine to millions of women and men when she confidently strode to the podium and charged six black and white Baltimore police officers with multiple felonies in the alleged unjustified arrest and death of Freddie Gray.
Mosby’s moment came down like a thunderous storm and immediately made people forget about the “smackdown” mom who snatched her son from the Baltimore riots that had consumed the city.
Mosby’s bodacious press conference sent powerful ripple effects that reverberated across the country that dastardly police brutality won’t be tolerated under her watch.
Social media responded with deafening roars of approval. Take a look at the best memes of Maryland state attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby.


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