Rapper Hefe Wine claims to have dispute with T.I. over Iggy Azalea

Azalea's current boyfriend Nick Young
Azalea’s current boyfriend Nick Young

Iggy Azalea’s ex Hefe Wine claims to have lip wrestled with T.I. over the Aussie princess.
While everybody may be all mums about a much-publicized divorce between chart-topping Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea and Houston rapper Hefe Wine due to a gag order surrounding the case, the paper trail is a mile long in this harrowing tale of boy meets girl.
As the story goes, Hefe Wine was in a business and personal relationship with Azalea, starting in 2008. Wine wouldn’t see Iggy again until some years later when she has aligned herself with Atlanta rapper T.I.
Wine immediately claimed that Iggy was in fact signed to a management deal with him. In a press release from two years ago, Wine tells about his first interactions with T.I. regarding Iggy: “This man calls me in the middle of the night…and then threatens my family.
“I taught her how to rap, how to finish a 16-bar verse and got her exposure initially,” he said. “I took her to New York, L.A. and all these places and introduced her to people.”
After two years, the relationship went sour. Iggy eventually ran into T.I. and the rest, as they say, is history.
“I wasn’t trying to stop her record deal…I was encouraging it. But she is telling people that she is not in a deal and lying to people about her contractual obligations to me.”
In the press release, Wine contends that he made acquaintance with T.I. via his DJ, DJ MLK, who reportedly got the two men on the phone to iron everything out.
“I’m being respectful and thinking I’ll get respect back. But he started talking to me like I’m a broke bum in the ditch…He asked ‘what’s the price’ and I told him we can let our lawyers talk it out. But he’s talking loud and wouldn’t let me say anything. He gets off the phone, hits Twitter and calls me stupid. But I let it go.”
Wine filed for divorce in January. Iggy initially denied ever being married to Hefe or ever even knowing him. She began to change her tune, however, when emails between the two began to surface and mutual acquaintances claim that Iggy had in fact acknowledged a common law marriage with Wine.
Under Texas law, any couple that lives together for a certain amount of time and agree to be married are considered husband and wife.
And if their marital woes were not enough, the two are in another legal dispute over copyright infringement of songs that they recorded together. Allegedly, Iggy is requesting the songs to be removed from iTunes.

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