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Earlier this week the world recognized St. Patrick’s Day. In Pittsburgh it’s a big thing, there is a huge parade and the celebration is one of drinking and partying for at least a day. I know a few merchants near Down­­town that find St. Patrick’s Day to be one of their best selling days of the entire year.
Ever since I was a little girl I have been encouraged to wear green on March 17 and I normally comply. Last week I got an email memo reminding me that the date was approaching and the office (my day job) was going to wear green. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older I have gotten more militant. When I read that memo I said to myself, “what if I don’t want to wear green, would I then be viewed as not being a team player?”
Each year during the month of February, Black History Month is honored and it would be nice if we had a color to wear on the first day of February or some way to show outward recognition of the month. I wonder if those who are not Black even understand the significance of February besides Valentine’s Day. Or if recognizing Black History Month is not an option, how about attending the African American Heritage Day parade in October. Pittsburgh is a Parade and fireworks town, and it seems to me that the St. Paddy’s Day parade is for everyone. I see people of all ethnicities, especially the younger generation dressed in green and celebrating. I am going to pay close attention to the Heritage Day parade this year and see who I see on the sidelines. Other ethnic groups should view it as a day to bond with Black people. I can’t wait to report back.
The other issue that is on my mind is this baby issue with Sherri Shepherd; I wonder if anyone else has thought about it. It looks like “Inside Edition” and “Entertainment Tonight” have it on their radar. She was so excited to marry this man Lamar Sally. Do you remember all that led up to the wedding? Because she was on “The View” it was pretty public, not quite like Star Jones, but public. Then she and Sally decided to have a baby with a surrogate and something happened. Before the baby was born Shepherd left Sally and when the baby was born she was absent. Now the surrogate and ex-husband are taking Shepherd to court. Spill the tea Shepherd, what happened? The surrogate mother had to sign the birth certificate and had to apply for public assistance to take care of the baby. Uh oh! Why doesn’t the daddy take care of the baby? His sperm was used to conceive the baby. He says he has no insurance and no money. Say what? Maybe Shepherd didn’t do her homework on Sally. He has asked for spousal support and for Shepherd to pay his attorney fees. Sally also asked that the couple’s pre-nup be invalidated based on fraud. Things that make you go hmmmm.
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