Beloved Atlanta TV host Karyn Greer quits '11 Alive' after 15 years

karyn greerWhat do you call someone who is beautiful in mind and spirit, a person who is like the sun who brings warmth to all those around them?

Karyn Greer is the personification of class, beauty and humility. However, her warm spirit and incandescent smile will no longer illuminate the set of NBC-Affiliate “11 Alive.”
Greer has confirmed what had been rumored the past several weeks because of her extremely conspicuous absence, that the beloved and longtime morning news anchor has resigned from her position after 15 illustrious years. She broke the news to her audience and fans on her Facebook pace on Sunday afternoon.

“It’s been a very difficult decision, but after 15 great years and prayers and discussions with my family I have decided to leave 11alive. The new contract options offered to me did not provide the opportunity to grow as the journalist I am constantly striving to become. I will miss working day to day with my great colleagues and friends and I will miss the love from all you loyal viewers. I am stepping out on faith but I know in the end God has my back. Keep me and my family in your prayers. Love you..mean it!”

Almost immediately, Greer received several hundred “likes” on her Facebook postings on both her personal and public pages and plenty of “best wishes” comments from contemporaries and fans alike.
“11 Alive” has already taken her off their “Meet the Team” page on the station’s website.
Greer is also the author of  I Am a Mother, a book that discussed the triumphs and tribulations of mother hood and features well-known names such as Nia Long, Jasmine Guy, Regina Belle, “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts and Tichina Arnold.
Greer intimated that said she pondered long and hard and talked to her family before coming to this conclusion.


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