Black Madam names celebrity butt injection clients during murder trial

A transgender woman who is on trial for murder in the butt-injection death of a British woman began naming the celebrity clients she helped pump up their posteriors for a more protruding, rounded off look.
The Black Madam, once known as the self-proclaimed “Michelangelo of buttocks injections,” faces prison time for the 2011 death of a British dancer who received illegal silicone butt shots.
Padge-Victoria Windslowe, whose been going by the Black Madame alter ego for years, took the stand in her own defense. Windslowe said that she performed the procedure for Amber Rose back in her Kanye days, which instantly opened doors for her business to more celebrity clientele, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
District Attorney Carlos Vega, who is prosecuting the case against Winslowe, inquirered as to why exactly someone dating a multimillionaire recording artist, would instead go to a woman who performs illegal procedures in Philadelphia hotel rooms, Winslowe retorted that “I’m the best.”
Winslowe boasted that her work on Kanye’s ex-girlfriend was became “walking billboard” that opened the door for a lot of celebrity clients and their girlfriends. Winslowe says that among her growing clientele at the time included a woman she would only describe as “Chris Brown’s girlfriend.” She also said none other than Nicki Miniaj had set up an appointment to get the illegal injections, but for some inexplicable reason, did not make it. Apparently from the looks of it, Minaj found another back-alley doctor to perform the procedure.
All this bragging, however, does not help Winslowe prove her innocence in the butt-injection case.

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