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RealHousewivesAtlanta I love asking folks: What reality TV shows do you watch? Invariably, the response is: “I’ve seen The Real Housewives, but they are so dramatic.” Yes, they are dramatic and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be on television. And there are lessons in drama for those willing to look deeper.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is supposedly the most dramatic of them all. On a recent episode, Claudia, one of the newest housewives, joined Kenya and Cynthia, on a short road trip to celebrate the opening of Peter’s new sports bar. Once they arrived, guess who was introduced as Peter’s business partner? Kordell, Porsha’s ex-husband. It gets even better when Claudia immediately connects with Kordell, leading to a possible future date. Now, if you watched this episode you may have thought Claudia and fellow housewives were wrong for even considering making this connection. If Claudia and Porsha where friends or desire to be friends, then yes, stay far away from the exes. But, most people who hate “drama hate life and all of its craziness.

Marquesa LaDawn
Marquesa LaDawn

Stepping in to the Beverly Hills Housewives world…
Now, there was some real negative drama on the most recent episode. Everyone knows not to ever come between family. Kyle and Kim, two of the RHOBH housewives, have a strained relationship, largely because Kim, is an alcoholic. Well, Kim Richards shows up to a house party, impaired, which didn’t exactly relax her sister. Since Kim and Brandi have become BFF’s, Brandi decided to interfere and tried to pull Kim away from her sister. It got ugly and led to a bit of a fist fight. I agree this was an extremely dramatic situation, but it happens. My sister is no alcoholic, but we have also struggled with our relationship, even to the point of her unfriending me on Facebook for a few months and not speaking for months. Now, that we are working our way back, I can tell you it’s a bad idea for anyone, even other family members, to get in the middle of this relationship. We’ve had our shouting matches but it never got to the level of physical fights. Still, watching this episode made me want to work hard on making this relationship better. You see, there was a a life lesson in there after all.
You know I can’t leave out Celebrity Apprentice even if I wanted to. Now, if you’ve ever watched this show, all cast members are automatically put into high stress situations and encouraged to fight for the right to “not be fired” by The Donald. During the board room scene in which Kate Gosselin was in the “hot seat,” Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore had to defend their positions. It got interesting, to say the least. Vivica and Kenya exchanged barbs throughout. Still, amid the fireworks, they were expected to show why they were the stronger player. Without a doubt, Kate, as the project manager, did not have the skill set to win this challenge, period! Her defense seemed to be focused on her team mates not getting along, which she says caused the loss. Life Lesson: At the end of the day, do not let anyone interrupt your focus All good leaders know the first rule is to put people in the best place that serves the team. Kate broke that rule and it was nice to see Kenya defend her position by stating that it wasn’t personal, it was about business. Some folks watch the scene and thought poor Kate. I thought, bad leader –with or without drama. So the next time you are tempted to label someone “dramatic” remember that all drama isn’t necessarily bad. So bring it on!
Marquesa LaDawn is a professional business woman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV.

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