What sparked Suge Knight's murderous hit and run episode?

Suge Knight and former Death Row partner Dr. Dre.
Suge Knight and former Death Row partner Dr. Dre.

Marion “Suge” Knight, once the indisputable and feared boss the America’s most successful record label in the mid 1990, has spiraled into a life of crime, imprisonment, misfortune and complete financial ruin.
His spectacular fall from hip hop prominence and relevance climaxed on Friday when he was arrested on murder charges for running over two individuals in West Hollywood, Calif., killing one and critically injuring the other.
But why was Knight in that parking lot on Los Angeles’ glam side of town and what precipitated the violent and tragic episode.
According to tmz.com, Knight was persuaded to roll up on the Compton set in an effort to squash the decades-long beef between him and his former Death Row Records partner, Dr. Dre.
Before the fatal episode popped off, sources said Knight had to another location where the commercial for “Straight Outta Compton” was being filmed and got into a physical push and shove with Dr. Dre’s security.
Some off-duty officers saw the altercation and ordered Knight to vacate the premises immediately.
However, the sources said Terry Carter contacted Knight in an effort to give the peace treaty between him and Dre another try.  Knight agreed and pulled up in the West Hollywood parking lot. However, when he arrived, sources told the entertainment blog that he got jumped before he even got out of his truck.
When Knight allegedly retreated for his own safety he wound up running over Terry’s head, killing him. Suge is now holed up in a Los Angeles County jail with a bail is set at $2 million.
Knight’s people said they prove that Carter called Suge but obviously there’s only one person now who can recount the conversation.
Most rap aficionados recall the musical magic that Suge and Dre co-authored at Death Row Records that included multiple multiplatinum albums through Dre, Snoop Dogg and especially Tupac Shakur. But after only five years, their partnership imploded and Dre left the business and went to Interscope.
And as Dr. Dre went, so did the fortunes of Death Row.

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