Georgia inmates forced to wear hot pink prison uniforms


Nothing will anger and embarrass a hyper-masculine male overflowing with testosterone and machismo more than being forced to wear all hot pink outfits.

That is what is going on at a Columbia County, Ga. jail where they are forced to sport pink jail fatigues.

The Grovetown jail changed their rules that mandate male inmates wear pink beginning this week.

One of the police sergeants said he’s heard from inmates that they already hate the color and never want to come back.
This is the response he was and others in law enforcement were looking for.
“A lot of them have said, ‘I’m not coming back because I’m not wearing pink again,’” said Sgt. Cameron Brown with the Grovetown Department of Public Safety, according to WSBTV.
Compounding the embarrassment is the fact that commuters can clearly see the jailbirds in all pink while they are on duty picking up trash on the sides of roads and highways.
According to the jail, they are instituting other changes at the Grovetown. The jail has also added several more security cameras.
It remains to be seen if other jails will adopt this practice as a prevention measure from recidivism.
Photo: Grovetown Jail

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