Police Looking for Metro Atlanta Women Using Prayer to Steal from Shoppers

HIRAM, Ga. — You may want to be wary of strangers asking to lead you in prayer that requires you to close your eyes while your purse sits in a shopping basket.
Metro Atlanta police are looking for two women seen using prayer to prey on shoppers at Walmart and other stores throughout the metro area.
Surveillance cameras at a Walmart store in Hiram, Ga. capture the women using the name of God to steal purses, credit cards and cash from the carts of the victims they ask to share a prayer with.
What happened is this: one of them strikes up a conversation with a shopper. After a few minutes of conversation, of the perpetrator asks her victims to pray. As they pray with their eyes closed, and sometimes with their backs turned, another woman comes by and takes cash and credit cards from the victim’s purse as it sits at the top of the cart.
Authorities say because of the clarity of the video cameras, they’ve identified the two suspected female thieves as as Shayla Sutherland and the other as Jessica Pina, according to WSBTV.
Police believe the pair of women have committed similar crimes closer to suburban Atlanta, in Douglas and Cobb counties and plan to meet Tuesday to map out all the crimes. 

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