Police Capture Suspected Serial Killer of Homeless Men

aeman Presley, fulton
Photo: Fulton County Jail

Police in Atlanta have arrested an aspiring actor and hairstylist whom they identify as the serial killer who fatally shot two homeless men, a woman in Decatur and at least one other person.
A lot of police handiwork and a little luck led to the alleged killer’s arrest.
Aeman Lovel Presley, 34, was arrested by MARTA police after he attempted to board the train without paying his fare at the Georgia State rail station, WSB-TV reports, which most likely prevented more murders from occurring.
Presley reportedly resisted arrest and during the apprehension, police found a .45 caliber gun and ammunition on his person, the same weapon police say were used to kill the two homeless men, Dorian Jenkins and Tommy Mims.
Atlanta police have charged Presley with two counts of murder in the deaths of the homeless men, which happened on Nov. 23 and Nov. 26. Decatur police have also issued an arrest warrant for Presley with the shooting death of a woman within their jurisdiction.
Presley is being held in the Fulton County Jail as a judge denied him bond.
The same weapon was used to kill Karen Pearce, 44, who was found shot behind an office building in downtown Decatur and authorities suspect there could be more deaths that Presley is responsible for.
Detective David Quinn told the media that “this particular .45 Colt 200-grain bullet has not been manufactured since 2010,” and had an “elongated shape” that is referred to as a “cowboy bullet.”
One of the victims, Pierce, was a full-time hairstylist who had gone back to school to become a nurse when her body was found in downtown Decatur.
Presley, who was represented by an Atlanta talent agency, has two short movie roles to his credit, according to the International Movie Database’s website, imdb.com.

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