Cosby’s Nephew Cross Examines Allegations

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Braxton Cosby                                        Braxton Cosby with his Uncle Bill

Braxton Cosby, Bill’s  nephew who heads up Cosby Media Producations, told that “unless the judicial system can prove otherwise, I stand behind him and his contributions.”  Mr. Cosby is speaking out on behalf of his uncle the 77-year-old comedian, saying he “is innocent” in light of the “unjustified claims.”
The younger Cosby uses a Biblical reference, “I would be more inclined to compare it to the passage in the Bible where the people of the village were about to stone the woman caught in adultery and Jesus challenged them by saying that the person who is without sin should cast the first stone. “
Braxton continues ,”The one difference in this case (the Biblical story) being that the woman was caught in the act and her accusers brought her forward. I want to remind everyone that we live in the greatest country in the entire world, one that prides itself on the moral law that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s where we stand at this time with the allegations brought against my uncle.”
In the Biblical story, no one steps up to cast a stone because they know that they have no right to judge. Braxton Cosby makes the point that unless proven guilty in a court of law then a man must be assumed innocent until otherwise proven guilty. He stands in support of his uncle who has always represented himeslf in a positive light and made it his life’s work to share that positivity.
Stating what many in the African American community have pondered,  the production company executive seemed to suggest that the “attacks” were an attempt to opress the kind of “uplifting” and “inspirational” content that Cosby Media produces. The company’s website says its mission is to develop content “that will entertain the mind and inspire the soul, from books, TV, film and music.” This of course is in keeping with the Bill Cosby tradition as we have come to know and believe his work to represent.
Braxton told, “Cosby Media Productions, will continue to push content that reflects the same positivity,” he went on to say , “I feel that the goal here was to destroy the attempts to instill that type of entertainment going into the next year. Thankfully, it will not succeed.”
Unfortunately the negative media portrayal of Cosby has prompted two more venues in Washington and Connecticut reportedly announced they were cancelling upcoming appearances featuring the comedian, amid accusations that he sexually assaulted several women. Cosby’s attorney has called some of the claims “fantastical.”


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