Kris Jenner Slammed for Upstaging Solange's Wedding With Throwback Photo

No one on earth believes that it was  just a coincidence that, just minutes after Solange Knowles posted photos of her all-white wedding that Kris Jenner decided to share an old picture of all-white clad Kardashians.
Many Knowles fans, particularly the brutal Twitter squad “BeyHive,” ripped into Jenner’s carcass like a pride of lions feeding on a zebra for her pettiness and attempt to upstage Solange’s blissful nuptials to video director and filmmaker Alan Ferguson
One particularly repulsed Twitter user crystallized the widespread disgust that many feel about pimp Jenner and the rest of the “Whore-dashian” family:
kj 9
Take a look at some of the most scorching Twitter reactions to Jenner trying upstage Solange Knowles’ wedding:
kj 12

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