Gucci Mane Pens Open Letter from Prison

Atlanta-based rapper Gucci Mane is currently serving three years in prison forĀ federal firearms conviction. However, the self-proclaimed “Trap God” penned a hand-written letter from the where he discussed sobriety praying and fasting and other actions that will help him become the man he was destined to be and how he plans to be a living testimony to all.
Take a look at what Gucci Mane has to say:
To my fans: My idea is to take my career to the next level. I am planning to take my music to a higher level & use the attention & influence to sell music, books, clothing and be a living testimony to all people showing you can start from humble beginnings and transcend to something greater. It feels great to see my plan take root & begin to blossom even though I’m physically incarcerated but spiritually & mentally I’m free as ever. I enjoy working out molding my body & I look forward to changing my diet for the better because I realize to get to the status I crave I must make a life change that is permanent & not a quick fix. I can see myself now at the top of my game, me & my beautiful lady walking the red carpet at the best parties & getting flooded with accolades at the award shows & setting trends that will be copied around the world. This is not a dream though this is a plan that I will affect directly. I know that by me staying sober, praying & fasting & stepping up to the plate to the father & man I am destined to be I will impact my family & the entire universe for the better. #TrapGod
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