Jada Pinkett Smith Stuntwoman Calls Out ‘Gotham’ for Blackface Controversy

jada-pinkett-smithControversy has hit “Gotham” and it doesn’t have anything to do with the residents and villains of Batman’s beloved city.
RadarOnline.com reports the popular Fox TV show is coming under fire with accusations of racism following a situation involving a white actress, whose face was painted black or “colored” to stunt-double for Jada Pinkett Smith. The actress plays the crime boss Fish Mooney on “Gotham.”
The source of the accusations is Pinkett Smith’s longtime stuntwoman Kelsee Devoreaux, According to her, she was explicitly told that no stunt work was available for Smith’s character after contacting the “Gotham’s” stunt coordinator in March to offer her services.
“This did happen and it will not and should not ever be tolerated, especially in today’s age. This is 2014 and it is not acceptable,” Devoreaux told Radar, adding that “Jada definitely knows about this,” despite their being no certainty of it being Pinkett Smith’s stunt person who was painted black by the “Gotham” stunt-coordinator.
Upon contacting SAG about the incident, Radar stated the labor union claimed that “the circumstance has been resolved.”
Despite this, Devoreaux claims SAG is wrong.
“This situation has not been resolved,” she tells Radar. “The stunt-coordinator who may have been responsible for this is still working on the show! If being resolved means the person responsible for this has not been fired, than nothing has been resolved.”
kelsee devoreaux
Devoreaux goes on to claim that she knows the stunt double whose face was painted black by “Gotham”’s stunt coordinator.
“She was so freaked out and uncomfortable by this situation, that she contacted SAG immediately,” Devoreaux stated.
Devoreaux’s conflict comes after Deadline.com posted an article earlier this month slamming “Gotham” for covering up the situation. The WB ultimately apologized via a statement, saying, “A mistake was made this week in casting a stunt woman for a guest star in a particular scene on the show. The situation has been rectified, and we regret the error.”
Apparently this is not the case, in light of Devoreaux’s claims. At this time, reps for “Gotham” or Pinkett Smith have not commented on the situation.

For more on Devoreax’s claims against “Gotham, click over to RadarOnline.
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