Not Enough Evidence to Charge Mike Brown Killer Darren Wilson, Juror Says

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Officer Darren Wilson

A St. Louis County juror may face stiff legal penalties if it is found out the person in question leaked confidential information about the grand jury proceedings in relations to the Michael Brown killing at the hands of Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson.
A member of the jury allegedly told a friend the jury didn’t have enough evidence to indict the cop and then posted it on Twitter.
Ed Magee, spokesman for St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch, told the Washington Post that officials are “looking into” the possible breach and misconduct accusations.
Susan M Nicholas, @thesusannicholas on Twitter, tweeted this on Wednesday in response to another post, which may have derailed the grand jury proceedings:
st. louis grand jury
Nicolas’ tweet and account were quickly deleted, but not before activist Shaun King took a screen shot of the Twitter post and gave it to the media.
Nicholas is a staunch supporter of the Ferguson police officer, the Post reportered.
It’s not clear which juror, if any, leaked any information.
Since grand jury proceedings are top secret, the apparent leak might mean the court will have to start over again with a new jury.
The current panel of 12 jurors began hearing evidence in August. If officials decide there hasn’t been a breach and the group stays seated, they have until Jan. 7 to decide whether to file charges against the Ferguson cop.
The miscount accusations come as police finish up their probe into Michael Brown’s death. The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office revealed to CNN that the joint FBI-St. Louis police investigation is basically complete.
Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9 six times, including the fatal skull shot.
Witnesses said the teenager was raising his hands and surrendering to the cop when he was shot. The Ferguson police force maintained either Brown or Brown’s friend tried to grab Wilson’s gun and struggled with the officer before Wilson fired.
The shooting inspired weeks of protests — both violent and peaceful — in the St. Louis suburb. The demonstrations have been fueled by racial tensions: 70% of Ferguson’s population is black, while nearly all of its police officers are white.

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