Fulton County Apartment Complex Riddled With Bullets

apartment complex
Residents of a South Fulton County apartment complex are left terrified after a gunman or gunmen riddled their residence and cars with multiple bullets Tuesday morning.
Even though there were no reported injuries, but the occupants of the complex are horrified because they don’t know why it happened, who was responsible and who was their intended target.
Residents of the Hickory Park Apartments on Delano Road said they rushed outside when they heard the gunshots. One woman said she threw he 8-year-old daughter to the ground, and everntually came out to see what happened after the gunfire stopped.
“When I came outside, all the neighbors came outside. We saw that everybody’s door was shot up, windows were shot up. Our neighbor’s SUV was shot up,” the woman told WSBTV.
Neighbors said they do not know who is responsible for the shooting, but they are planning to move.


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