DNA Proves Mathew Knowles is the Father of 2nd Baby Mama's Child

mathew knowles taqoya-branscomb
No need to call Maury Povich. Mathew Knowles IS the father of the second baby mama’s child.
A DNA lab in Texas returned with the results that prove unequivocally that he fathered the baby born to TaQoya Branscomb, the lingerie model-turned-real estate agent who says Beyonce’s father impregnated her in 201o.
The hooked up while she was friends with Knowles’ youngest daughter, Solange, engaging in sexual trysts the daughter was completely obliviousĀ of.
When a Houston judge ordered the test after Branscomb filed a paternity suit, the results show there is a 99.998 percent certainty that he is the biological father of the child, according to tmz.com.
Branscomb is now free to pursue child support through the Houston courts from Knowles.
The only problem is this: The child support payments for Knowles first baby mama, Alexsandra Wright, have been slashed significantly because of Knowles’ precarious financial situation that he finds himself in, and has been ever since daughter Beyonce fired him as her manager.
Good luck, Ms. Branscomb.

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