Tom Joyner Helped Set New Record for McDonald’s by Serving Customers

Tom Joyner Sets McDonalds Serving Record
Tom Joyner and his radio crew from his morning show — J. Anthony Brown and Sybil Wilkes helped out a local McDonald’s in Jackson, Mississippi and in the process, serviced 400 cars — setting a record for the fast food joint.
But he’s no stranger to breaking records. For seven years, he had two radio shows. And he even set a record filling a 3,000 passenger cruise ship before chartered ships.
Joyner and his crew are visiting his affiliates — including New Orleans (KMEZ-FM 106.7), Baton Rouge (KQXL 106.5FM), and Jackson, MS (WKXI-FM 107.5). The tour will end in Memphis TN (WKXI 107.5FM) at the Southern Heritage Classic.
But maybe he’ll break more records over the course of the next few months. His tour to affiliates will take place every other week throughout September, October and November across the country.
“Tom Joyner Morning Show” fans can follow the tour on social media with the hashtag #TJMSTour.
tom joyner serving mcdonalds customer


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