Young Thug starts Twitter Fire with 'My Hubby' Post and Nail Polish

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For the second time in about six months, star rapper Young Thug has had to address whether he has flung open the closet door and admit that his sexual orientation is homosexuality.
Most people did not pay attention back in February and March of 2014 when a series of stories purported that the “Lifestyle” rapper allegedly admitted that he was in love with a man.
But now that “Lifetyle” cut has exploded, millions more eyes are on Young Thug. And it didn’t take much of a fuse to set Twitter aflame with shock about what he is ostensibly trying to say.
Take a look at Young Thug’s postings from earlier in the year:
gay post2
And then this post by Young Thug:
gay post 3
So when Young Thug post up this photo that hip hop heads just discovered, replete with the quote “hubbie” and polished fingernails that are attached to an armed wrapped around his boy, you can see this is not out of the ordinary for him:
Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.33.08 PM
When Young Thug put up this photo of him and “his hubbie,” Twitter almost exploded on contact, with some saying it’s cool that he has kicked open the closet door, but many others saying it’s not. Take a look at the debate raging on Twitter now:

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