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Everyone is a photographer. Now that most phones have a decent camera, the opportunity for picture taking has increased one hundred fold. The unfortunate thing is a lot of those pictures stay in the camera or end up on Facebook.
You never see a hard copy of the photograph. I like hard copies. It is so funny to watch people sitting around swiping their phones showing each other pictures. Just like we used to sit around and pass around photo albums.
There is nothing wrong with having pictures in your phone, but sometimes it gets to a point where you have so many pictures that you can’t find the ones you want to show someone.
In my world I’m surrounded by pictures. I’ve decorated my home with black and whites by Teenie Harris. They are a conversation starter each time someone visits.
In my cube at work I have pictures of my great nephew and photos of good friends. I like giving photo books to friends as gifts. A gift of a photo is always a hit. There are so many sites that allow you to download pictures and turn them into something very special. I just ordered a luggage tag with my picture on it. Now that is one great way to identify your luggage, a tag with your picture. There is no doubt who this bag belongs to.
If you are having a special event such as a birthday, anniversary or  wedding, hire a photographer so you will have someone that is dedicated just to taking pictures of you and your special day.
Don’t you just hate when you do something special and you have to go around and ask people to send you pictures? Or how about when no one captures that special shot that you wanted so badly?
There is no reason not to develop pictures; there are dozens of photo developing sites and you can take your camera card to Giant Eagle or Wal-Mart, or even Target, and they will be ready in an hour. Many sites will allow you to send the photos straight from your phone.
Having a phone with a camera is really one of the coolest things going. I was working on a home improvement project and making all of these lists before I went to Home Depot. The light bulb finally came on why not take a picture of what you need to buy and then you can show it to the salesperson at Home Depot? It was so easy.
I also use it when I see something in a magazine at the beauty salon that I really want. I was trying to write down the names of each product that I wanted to buy or making all these notes on a particular recipe. Now I don’t have to write it down I can just take a picture of it and then when I need it, I have it. Now that is so cool.
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